With more than 120 years of experience, Hannecard is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial roller coverings in rubber, polyurethane, composite and carbide to various sectors. Hannecard also offers a wide range of other services, from roller maintenance to roller repair and roller optimization.

Hannecard’s aim is to improve your company’s performance by providing comprehensive and reliable long-life solutions, a unique range of roller coverings and services and roller performance measuring. Smart monitoring systems are used to track roller performance, which allows us to engage with our customers on progress contracts through our RAAS® (Rollers As A Service) program.

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Hannecard provides roller coverings for every industrial process. Thanks to our wealth of experience and constant innovation, you can be sure that you will always have the best possible roller covering solutions.

Hannecard, worldwide presence

Think global, act local

Since 1896, Hannecard’s dedicated employees around the globe have worked diligently to achieve measurable improvements in production efficiency and quality for all of our customers. Hannecard has a strong international focus that is aimed at addressing our customers’ needs as effectively as possible.

Today Hannecard is recognized as an internationally leading group of companies. It has production units worldwide, including 11 in Europe and Russia and 9 joint ventures around the globe. Hannecard is never far away from you.

Hannecard, worldwide presence