Printing industry

Hannecard develops roller coverings in a range of qualities for printing industry applications such as rotogravure, flexography, label printing and digital printing.  All represent the highest product standards, absolute reliability and a long lifespan. 


Hannecard creates covering solutions for every aspect of the rotogravure printing process, including (ESA) impression rollers and sleeves, inking rollers and paster rollers. The popularity of this printing process is undoubtedly a result of its unbeatable advantages: rapid production, outstanding print quality, versatility and absolute consistency. The complexity and stringent requirements of the gravure printing process have inspired Hannecard to develop tailor-made covering solutions aimed at boosting output and, by extension, competitive strength. Our customers around the world reap the benefits of our in-house production and development program for conical sleeves.

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Hannecard supplies top-quality solutions for every covered roller position in the flexo printing process, including ink fountain rollers and laser engraved sleeves. Flexography is among the most widely used printing process today and involves applications for the labeling, packaging and news press industries. Of course, producing a high-quality product requires state-of-the-art technology and coverings. Thanks to many years of experience - gained through close cooperation with our customers as well as participation in many of value-engineering projects with OEMs - Hannecard is a competent partner with solutions for every imaginable flexo printing requirement. Moreover, our customers benefit from our in-house production and development program for cylindrical sleeves.

Label and narrow web printing

Hannecard provides high-quality, durable solutions for all roller position in the label printing process, including impression rollers, ink fountain rollers, dampening rollers, coater rollers, embossing rollers and rollers for all types of printing (flexo, gravure, serigraphy, offset and lacquering). The increasing use of wet and self-adhesive labels and the application of advanced security features have raised demand for advanced technology and refined finishing processes. To address this need, Hannecard has combined its own hands-on experience with the latest technology to develop an extensive range of roller covering compounds specifically intended for label printing.

Digital printing

With the countless digital printing techniques and machines that are available today, print shops can offer huge flexibility and reasonable process speeds. Depending on the choice of technology and printer size, various PU and rubber coated rollers can play an important role in web transport, printing and image formation. Hannecard has developed and tested a range of solutions to meet the needs of this rapidly developing industry.

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