Roller coverings for the food industry

The food industry is one of the most diversified industrial sectors, with activities ranging from agriculture to the complete processing of food ingredients.

Many activities in this sector depend on covered rollers for functional tasks, including transport, harvesting, sorting, baking, filtering, pressing, thickening, filling, packaging and other tasks. Consequently, each application has its own specifications.

Hannecard is able to adhere to all of these varying specifications. With a huge product range that includes food-grade rubber, polyurethane and carbide solutions, our range of services and our solid base of experience, we can guarantee you the best possible product for your needs.

Hannecard coverings such as HanneFood-S, HanneFood-XP and HanneFood-HT meet the requirements set out in European standards and directives with regard to materials coming into direct and indirect contact with food and beverages.

Our food-grade PU solutions have outstanding specifications and are not only highly durable but also help our customers achieve better process stability.